Remembering the Honored Fallen
Ed O’Brien, CEO New York Life ~ Norfolk, VA

Ed O’Brien, CEO New York Life ~ Norfolk, VA

ed o’brien

Visionary of “Remembering the Honored Fallen” and local businessman Ed O’Brien is no stranger to the military.

O’Brien’s father, Robert Charles O’Brien, was Ship Serviceman and Senior Chief E8 in the US Navy and served his county in World War II, in Korean Conflict and in Vietnam. Robert lost his two brothers at the Battle of Bulge 1944-45 in the Eastern Region of Belgium in a tank battle.

Ed remembers his father being fair, but firm… the most honest person Ed ever met in his life. Robert gave Ed structure which has helped him in his 35 year career in New York Life as the Chairman’s Council (top agent designation).

Robert Charles O’Brien passed away in October 20, 2005. Ed lived with his father in Virginia Beach as Ed was beginning his career.

Dad provided me with every moral value instilled in me since childhood.

In the fall of 1993, Ed’s father met Admiral Zobel. Zobel was the father of Captain Skip Zobel who served as the CO of Oceana Naval Air Station. Ed remembers when the Admiral Zobel and Chief O’Brien met. They entered Ed’s home and soon after disappeared… quietly talking behind the scenes acting as equals talking about their love for their country. They remain friends until his passing. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

The US Navy was not something to Ed’s father, it was everything. Robert referred to the Navy as the “Canoe Club”

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